Let your home tell the story of you.


October 29, 2014

Integrated Story

Our dwellings are part of a larger landscape as much as personal sanctuaries. That’s why we are committed to designing homes that fit with the surroundings, work with site challenges and opportunities, and integrate as much of the landscape into the structure as possible. We are committed to designing homes that have a lasting design and withstand the test of time. A well-built, efficient home not only brings homeowners cost and energy savings, it is a more comfortable place in which to spend time.

Renewable Energy

Our Colorado climate presents an excellent opportunity to take advantage of more than just light and views. We can harness the energy from the mountain breeze or our 300+ days of sunshine to provide electricity and heat. When it does rain, we can capture and make use of that water before putting it back into the watershed.

Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll want to make the most of the resources you are using, so that the renewables you consider will be most effective. Beyond conserving fuel for space and water heating, we can offer ways to conserve electricity and water usage to further limit a reliance on outside sources.

We’ve designed projects ranging from integrating solar photovoltaic panels with daylight sensors and ultra-high efficiency track lighting (for a National Park retail store at 12,000 feet) to a completely off-grid home incorporating rainwater catchment, greywater recycling, LED lighting, low-flow fixtures, plus a ground-mount PV array for electricity.

Responsible Materials

Making homes ultra-energy efficient means we need to pay even more attention to the materials we put in them. That ‘new car smell’ is really pretty bad for you. Fortunately there are now many options for low VOC paints and carpets, low-formaldehyde sheathing and cabinets, even playground-friendly decay-resistant lumber.

We encourage use of materials that are locally sourced, rapidly renewable reused/recycled or harvested under stricter guidelines, all to help protect our natural resources, including your health and comfort.

Building Science + Forensic Consulting

Do you have a nagging problem with your home? Ice dams, unwarranted moisture, excessive heating bills?

Combining professional acumen with technical savvy, we’ve investigated these kinds of issues, pinpointed the sources of the problem and recommend specific measures of correction. Our solutions are backed by experience, science and hard data.

Especially in these cases, we’re concerned not only with saving you money in utility bills, but preserving the long-term durability of your home.

Remodeling and Home Design
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